A form rejection email is often not an accurate depiction of why you were not offered the job. Here are some other (very valid) reasons why you may not have received an offer, despite what you were told.

- Hiring Freeze
- Always Meant for an Internal Employee
- Company is Afraid to Pull the Trigger
- Found Someone Cheaper
- Company Decided to Delay the Hire
- Job Went to the Boss’s Niece
- Company is Restructuring

Keep this in mind the next time you’re told “you weren’t a fit for our needs” or “we decided on a candidate…

After Covid, SO MANY people have reevaluated how they feel about working from home and what they prefer to do going forward. So much so, that companies will be forced to adjust their policies if they want to keep attracting top talent.

Based on the conversations I have been having, actual work/life balance, remote work, flexible schedules are becoming just as important as salary and vacation days for so many professionals.

While companies are free to mandate whatever policies they want in the short-term, they will not have this luxury in the long-term if employees’/candidates’ desire for better arrangements becomes…

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Nerves are common. Nerves are healthy. You’re nervous because you care and want to do well.

However, there is a big difference between being a little nervous and having crippling nerves before an interview that can impact your performance.

— -

So, why the nerves?

The uncertainty. Before most interviews, we don’t know:

A. The personalities of the people we will be meeting with.
B. The exact questions we will receive.

— -

There are 2 main ways to reduce interview nerves:

1. Learn as much as possible about the company and the role from available sources.
2. …

I fell in love with books later than most, I think. I did read for pleasure when I was a kid but never really appreciated it as I found it to be more of an effort than an enjoyable hobby. This was mainly because I had a hard time staying focused and comprehending the material. In fact, I remember times when I would spend hours reading, or more accurately, staring at pages with words on them, and not absorbing a thing.

This “condition” carried right into junior high and high school where not much changed except for the lengths of…

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Have you been thinking about volunteering somewhere but you’re not sure what to do or where to look? Perhaps you can consider tutoring an adult in Basic Skills or ESL (English as a Second Language).

If the data in northern New Jersey is any indication of the rest of the United States, then there is a high demand and a growing need for tutors to teach English to adults.

The reasons these individuals have for choosing the United States are vast, however, very often, the choice comes down to either staying in their native country, which may no longer be…

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“Please send your résumé and a cover letter.”


There it is. The dreaded second ask. Here you were hoping that you could get away with just sending a résumé, and now you have to scrape together a cover letter … and you hate cover letters.

Sound familiar? Because I hear it often.

I haven’t met too many people who actually enjoy writing cover letters, and I can understand why. However, a cover letter can serve as a great opportunity to stand out from other applicants if you choose to take advantage of writing an effective one.

So, how do…

So, you graduated with your MBA and have no full-time job waiting for you?

Before we dive right in, let me just congratulate you on earning your MBA degree. I know that it took a large effort on your part, possibly a sacrifice on many levels, and was also stressful, fun, exhausting, and fulfilling. Well done!

Graduation itself was probably a mix of happiness, relief, and even a little sadness because you were saying goodbye to some good friends.

Maybe there was also something else. You knew that many of your classmates had full-time job offers waiting for them in…

Before we get into this topic, let me address one thing. Anytime is really the best time to switch careers, whether you’re in business school or not. However, this article is specifically for those folks who are in their first-year of business school. I was in your position 8 years ago and want to pass along some insights that can potentially help you navigate an uncertain road ahead.

For those of you who started in your first year of business school thinking that you’d pursue Career Path ABC and are now rethinking whether Career Path ABC is REALLY what you…

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